Arise Clubs

Through this club, students of JNTUHCEH can get an opportunity to learn much more about adolescent issues like peer pressure, reproductive health, body image,depression and many more issues that are essential in their life and also teach and share the knowledge they acquire with a younger batch of students. This will also help improve their communication skills, socialisng skills  along with learning some virtues of life ,preparing them to deal with issues in life and work together for a social cause.


ARISE CLUB aims at providing an awareness to  students of government high schools across the city and also our fellow college students on several adolescent issues .


In present scenario, youth are facing many challenges because of rapid changes taking place in science and technology and easy accessibility, which brings confusion to young minds. Adolescence is a crucial part of life, as this is the age that shapes their minds and builds a foundation to a person’s life.Being a part of ARISE CLUB, we would like to play our part to help facilitate this period of development and help young people by understanding them and also make them understand the physical and emotional changes they are undergoing, as well as to develop their self-esteem and prepare them for the relationships they are going to experience and are already experiencing.

To combat the concerns of these budding minds and make them more informed about the adolescent issues such as peer pressures, health, body image, depressions and many more issues that are essential in their life, ”ARISE CLUB” of JNTUHCEH, Kukatpally in collaboration with an NGO named FPAI(Family Planning Association of India), Hyderabad branch has taken a step forward for providing information and education regarding the above mentioned fields.


ARISE,  to awaken young minds.
ARISE, to make informed choices.
ARISE, to learn and make learn.


  • Orientation sessions by a resource person from an NGO regarding adolescent issues to Club members and to students of JNTUHCEH.
  • Sessions taken by students of JNTUHCEH  to school students.
  • Fun filled activities like competitions and sports to build a rapport with school students giving them a platform to express themselves.


  • By the process of orientation and taking sessions to a youger batch of students, club members learn much more on adolescent issues in their life and play a part in improving their public speaking skills
  • The students become aware of several  issues in their life making them ready to combat  and resolve several  adolescent issues of their own.

M.Sri Sai Prashanthi