bbullet Seminar on "Advances in Geotechnical Engineering".
bbullet Day National Seminar on “Technology and Social Justice”


bbullet Workshop on "High Rise Buildings"
bbullet First Young Indian Geotechnical Engineering Conferences
bbullet Workshop on Construct Your Own House Issues and Concerns
bbullet Workshop on "Mechanization of Construction for High Rise Buildings"
bbullet National Workshop on "Self Compacting Concrete"
bbullet Organizing a Two day Workshop on Computer aided today at JNTUCEH
bbullet National Workshop on Watershed Management and Environmental Changes WMEC-2006
bbullet National Workshop on Watershed Management impact of environmental changes
bbullet Training  Program on ARC- GIS for final year students of Civil Engg.
bbullet Symposium on Engineering of Ground and Environmental Geotechniques.
bbullet National Workshop on Hazardous Waste Management
bbullet National Workshop on Environmental Management Awareness Programme.
bbullet Workshop on "Geotechnics for Infra, Irrigation and Tall Structures".