Nirbhaya Club


The club has been initiated to raise our hand against violence on women. It basically aims at teaching Self-defense techniques to the girl students of our college on a regular basis to  protect themselves in case of emergency situations.

Aim: To encourage the spirit of self protection amongst the girl students of our college.


The club provides an opportunity for all the girl students to excel in the field of Self-defense . It provides a trainer to teach us the respective techniques involved in self defense for four days in a week. The girls are liberal to choose one day from the week days after the college hours to learn the techniques .The trainer repeats the same session throughout the week attempting to satisfy every  member of the club. The training programme is scheduled at different levels increasing the techniques of Self-defense.

Monday-Thursday : 4:00 – 5:00 P.M


  • Regularly scheduled training sessions on the respective Self-defense techniques.
  • Certification on the up gradation of levels based on performance.
  • Competitions will be held occasionally for exceptional record holders with Prizes.

The girl students who believe in being independent without fearing about their safety and security.

Contact us:
+91 9701114199,+91 7207107858.