Student Facilities
The College has 40 lecture halls and 4 drawing halls. The bench space available in classroom is about 2 Sq.m per student and working space available in the laboratories is about 5 sq.m per student. There is a seminar hall to accommodate 150 people. Each department has got its own independent buildings, departmental Libraries and seminar halls. The common facilities such as Auditorium, Guest House, a Branch of Andhra Bank, Extension counter of SBH, Staff Quarters, Principal Quarter, Canteen, Power House with 140 KV A Generator connected to all buildings including Hostels.


The College has two Hostels for Boys and one Hostel for Girls. The Boys hostels have a total boarding capacity of 350 students while the Girls hostel accommodates 120 girl students. Deputy Wardens are available in the campus.

One PG Hostel for Boys and One PG Hostel for Girls are under construction.

The college has ample facilities for sports and games. A Deputy Director of Physical Education organizes these activities. There are facilities for playing Cricket, Football, Table Tennis and other games. A running track is also available. The students have been participating in inter-collegiate, interUniversity and state level sports and games. Their performance has been quite satisfactory. A multi Gym is also available for Boys. Multi Gym for Girls is under procurement.

A domestic waste water treatment system was constructed for treating the waste generated from hostels and staff quarters. The project was taken up in collaboration with MIs. Delta Business Services, USA. The treatment system consists of 3 units - Deep Anaerobic pond, Aeration tank and, Solarization pond. Most of the organic matter will be decomposed in anaerobic pond. Later, the waste water will be going to Aeration tank, where the waste water will be oxidized and oxygen is supplied with blowers. Finally, the waste water goes to solarization pond, where the waste water will be disinfected by solar heat. The final effluent will be applied to plants. By using the treated water for gardening, most of the water requirement in the campus will be reduced.

The College has a qualified doctor and a dispensary to cater to the medical needs of the students and faculty. A 20 bedded hospital is nearing completion.