Research Projects

S.No. Name of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator Amount Sanctioned (Rs. In Lakhs) Agency
1. Design of MIMO Hardware Platform to implement Software Defined Radio Dr. M. Madhavi Latha  12.50 AICTE
2. Design and development of Digital Beam-forming System Dr. M. Madhavi Latha 12.50 AICTE
3. Project on Design and Implementation of Integrated L & S Band Patch Antenna Dr. M. Madhavi Latha 8.00


4.  High Data Rate Communication based on low power FFT Architecture and Compression Technique Dr. M. Madhavi Latha 22.195 RCI, DRDO
5.  MIMO Software Defined Radio for 4G/5G real time Applications (2018) Dr. M. Madhavi Latha 12.39 AICTE
S.No. Name of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator Amount Sanctioned (Rs. In Lakhs) Agency
1. Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA) Project-Phase II DR.A.Govardhan Prof.CSE Dept & Principal  108.10 Electronics & Information Technology, Govt of India
2. Design and development of brain inspired intelligent controller to solve complex non-linear systems Dr. N. Yadaiah
Prof. of EEE & Principal
54.6 DST
(Under CSI)
3. Analysis of Crypto System using Information Theoretic Approach with the help of Spurious Keys (CSITS) Dr. L. Pratap Reddy
Prof. of ECE
9.85 RCI
4.  Design, Construction & Analysis of Comprehensive Dataset for Emotion Detection using Multiple Biometrics Dr. K. Anithasheela
Assoc. Prof. of ECE
11.37 UGC
5.  Investigation of Refrigeration System using Eco Friendly Refrigerant with Nano particles added to Lubricating Oil Dr. T. Kishen Kumar Reddy
Prof. of Mechanical Engineering & Rector
21.17647 AICTE
 On-Going Research Projects:
Department Source of Funding Total Cost Title of the Project Name of the Project Investigator
Civil, EEE, ECE & CSE World Bank under TEQIP-II, MHRD Rs. 500.00 Lakhs Centre of Excellence in Disaster Management

Dr. K.M. Lakshmana Rao

Principal Investigators
1) Dr. D. Srinivasa Rao,
2) Dr. G. Narsimha Reddy

CIVIL DST Rs. 17.00 Lakhs Stabilised Compressed Earth Blocks using Rice Husk Ash and their applications to Load Bearing Walls Dr. M. Janardhana, Professor of Civil Engg. And
Dr. N. Darga Kumar
Asst. Professor of Civil Engg
Mechanical Engineering DRDO Rs. 26.85 Lakhs Numerical Simulation of Plannar Flow Melt Spinning Process using CFD analysis and optimization process parameters for obtaining good qualifty amorphous ribbons of Fe-Si-B alloys Dr. T. Kishen Kumar Reddy, Prof. of Mechanical Engineering & Rector
Dr. A. Chennakesava Reddy, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering DRDO Rs. 9.86 lakhs Scram Jet Combustion Dr. T. Kishen Kumar Reddy, Professor of Mechanical Engg. & Rector, JNTUH.
ECE DST 51.00 lakhs FIST Programme Dr. M. Madhavi Latha, Prof. of ECE &
Dr. B.N. Bhandari, Prof. of ECE
Computer Science & Engineering DIT Rs. 48.48 Lakhs Development of Integer Based Homomorphic Encryption Techniques with application on Cloud Computing Dr. G. Vijaya Kumri, Professor of CSE
Metallurgical Engineering NMDC Rs. 12.65 lakhs Research Consultancy Project Dr. R. Markandeya & Dr. S. Devaki Rani
Mathematics UGC 10.40 Stochastic / Delayed Non-Linear Mathematical modeling of certain biological systems Dr. M.A. Srinivas, Prof. & Head of Mathematics
Chemistry UGC 7.00 Synthesis and biological activities of Metal complexes from benzimidazoles Dr. Ch. Venkata Ramana Reddy, Prof. of Chemistry & Director, UIIC
Chemistry CSIR 7.50 Synthesis of novel benzimidazoles and quinolines as potential anti-TB agents Dr. B. Rama Devi, Prof. & Head of Chemistry
Chemistry BARC 33.95 Development of PEM, AEM and alkaline water elecrolysis for hydrogen production, BRNS PI : Dr. Hima Bindu, IST
Co PI : Dr. B. Rama Devi, Prof. of Chemistry & Head