Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the departments available from the inception of the college in 1965. The Department has qualified and experienced staff and well equipped laboratories with basic equipment required for undergraduate courses and modern equipment to meet the postgraduate and research requirements. The Department is very active in academic, research and consultancy Programmes. It receives grants from MHRD, DST, UGC and AICTE. The Department has very sophisticated test facilities such as Soil DYrJamic testing, Reaction Bed for cyclic/dynamic loading of structures. Test Tanks are available for testing of model foundations with a facility to alter water table position. The Department has established the centre for Geo- environmental Engineering in 1999 as the first research centre in the College. The Department has its own computer has its own computer laboratory to meet the requirements of undergraduate, post graduate and research students. The Department has its own Seminar Hall and Library.

Vision:  The Department of Civil Engineering is committed to raise the intellectual tone of the young students in understanding and incorporating emerging technologies, with an objective of enhancing their competence by applying their proficiency and skill for infrastructure and economic development of the society.

  • Mission:
  1. To strengthen the teaching tools in order to orient students to acquire necessary skills to perform in the field or to handle industrial projects.
  2. To enhance students into knowledgeable, responsible professionals, successful practitioners and lifelong learners in emerging fields for the betterment of society.
  3. To improve the quality of technological education through training, consultancy, research, and innovation.
  4. To identify, evaluate and implement scientifically proven technological solutions.


PEO 1         To provide students with a solid foundation in mathematical, scientific and  engineering fundamentals required to solve engineering problems and to pursue and to enroll in advanced studies

PEO 2          To Impart basic technical knowledge and skills in Civil Engineering and related fields to cater to the emerging technological needs of society.

PEO 3           To perceive the technical knowhow, adaptability and innovation in their work so as to pursue lifelong learning, and to be leaders, both in their chosen profession and in other activities.

PEO 4           To Provide expertise in carrying out civil engineering projects by using state-of-art of computing and experimental techniques to develop interdisciplinary approach.

PEO 5            To Train the student to possess good communication and presentation skills with ability to work in teams and contributing significantly to the technological development of the Nation.

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