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Energy availability at economic cost is the driving force for any economy. In recent years, the growth in industrial/service sector has resulted in enhanced energy consumption widening the gap between the energy demand and supply. Energy conservation has attained priority as it is regarded as additional energy resource. A few organizations engaged in the field of energy studies confined their activities to the area of consultancy. Realizing this limitation, the School of Energy was established by the University in the year 1989.

The School of Energy commenced a 3-semester M.Tech program in Energy Systems in1990. The proposal of M.Tech (Energy Systems) course submitted to AICTE in 1991 and was approved in 1994.  It has been identified as one of the fourteen Centers to receive Fellowships in the Renewable energy field by MNRE, Govt. of India. The School was later renamed as Center for Energy Studies (CES) in 1996. The Centre is brought under the administration of the college in 2003.


The Centre offers M.Tech Energy Systems and PhD programs on regular and part time basis with a view to train personnel in efficient conversion and conservation of both conventional and renewable energy sources.Graduate Engineering students of Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical branches are eligible to join M.Tech Energy Systems program. The course structure is reviewed once in three years and the subject content suitably modified to make the program not only challenging but also invigorating and inspiring.Students are given excellent opportunity to acquire new competencies through innovative learning during their stay. The laboratories are well equipped catering to the needs of both students and scholars. In this era of globalization, the Centre is planning to build national and international partnerships through MOUs to make this a truly international program.


           To be a Centre for disseminating knowledge in the inter-disciplinary areas of science and energy technologies for sustainable development.


  • To undertake teaching, basic and applied research in inter-disciplinary areas of science and technology.
  • To develop measures for technological upgradation leading to energy efficiency and conservation.
  • To undertake projects in the area of renewable energy with academia and industries for achieving energy sustainability.
  • To inculcate continuous learning habit in students for attaining professional and academic development.


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